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Silky Terriers

Cocker Spaniels

Welcome to our website. What began with the gift of a puppy for our children the Christmas of 1999, has turned into a business with more than 40 dogs in the various breeds. Our four registered breeds include AKC/APR registered Cocker Spaniels, AKC/APR registered Brittanys, AKC/APR registered Silky Terriers and AKC/APR registered Papillons. There are puppies ready for a new home throughout the year.  We also have Cockapoos available. There is talk that these will be a registered breed within the next few years.

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Contact us with any questions, or if you are looking for a new friend to add to your family!

Champion Papillon


We are proud of the fact that our dogs have great personalities and bloodlines. Our children are involved in 4-H, showing dogs and owners of their own breeding animals. We have two APR champions and three other dogs with championship points.

award winning Cocker Spaniel
award winning Cocker Spaniel

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